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The Sovereignty of the Soul: Entering the new Reality

October 9, 2021 - October 10, 2021

As Eckhart explains, one of the keys to conscious manifestation is to be anchored in “Presence”—the feeling of “I am” and our only true source of fulfillment. When we are connected with Presence, we create from a place of joy, appreciation, and sufficiency.

Conscious manifestation differs from manifesting from the ego in some very important ways:

When we manifest from ego, we tend to have a feeling of lack and scarcity. With conscious manifestation, we create from a feeling of abundance, rooted in the fullness and richness of the present moment (Eckhart describes this as being “in touch with the Gold”).

When we manifest from ego, we tend to ask, “How can I get what I want?” With conscious manifestation, we ask, “What does the universe want from me?”

​When we manifest from ego, we rely on our personal willpower. With conscious manifestation, we are able to rely on the power of universal intelligence.

The universe loves to create. When we learn how to consciously manifest, we become vehicles of creative intelligence. This is what the Conscious Manifestation online course is all about.

Soul Sovereignty is a state we as individuals attain through our own practice and cultivation of our direct connection to Source. It can happen with spiritual teachers, and it can happen in nature, and it can happen alone.

This is the model of spiritual awakening where individuals experience the unity and equality of their Soul to Source and cultivate the capacity to connect directly to Source as a whole and complete integrated Spiritual Being. Layers of codependency and unnecessary subservience to controlling forces are dissolved as the awakening sovereign soul discovers they can consistently access a Direct connection with Source. Its not that old methods and gems of wisdom received from teachers and lineages are disregarded for something higher, rather it is that a new model of awakening is embraced and integrated into what is currently serving one’s highest good.

There is a pure place where spiritual lineages meet and it is the Source Point of Unity within the center of the open heart. New psychic and spiritual faculties are beginning to awaken within the energetic heart and mind of individuals across the world. This ‘quickening’ is contributing to our collective capacity to embody spiritual wholeness and experience life through the omniscience of Unity Consciousness. Completely new spiritual technologies of awakening, healing, empowerment and evolution are offered to the sovereign souls that bravely remembers how to surrender into Direct connection to Source.

Jhadten will guide you through exercises and meditations to connect to this new consciousness. Join us for an amazing journey!  Read the flyer here!


October 9, 2021
October 10, 2021


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