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The Crystalline Essence of the New Paradigm: Galactic Portals of Light opening!

May 6 - May 7

As we crossed the threshold of the
Winter Solstice 2022, we were entering the
energies of 2023. Immediately I felt the energy
of this year as being delicate, refined, sublime
and elegant. Arising from the Earth as well as
from the Heavens a whole new frequency was
born. The subtle crystalline energies of the Earth
seemed to open us to new galactic portals of
light opening. Instead of journeying to the Heart
of Mother Earth to explore these frequencies,
we were guided to find them, discover them
within. In doing so, the new galactic portals of
light also appeared to be within ourselves. To me
it seemed as if we have reached a place in our
spiritual development where truly all is held and
contained within ourselves.
The emergence of our soul energy within
ourselves now is more tangible than ever and
provides us with greater clarity in our guidance,
more trust in the power of our souls to manifest
a new reality, and greater joy in the celebration
of life. The gemstones that come to us now are
unique and so powerful in their own individual
ways as never before. They guide us to how to
be in an active state of consciousness, acting upon
reality instead of reacting to it from old thought
patterns and belief systems.
The urgency to let go of the past and
all of the conditioning we have experienced is
becoming more and more pressing. This new
crystalline essence is tremendously powerful
in supporting us in this endeavour to shift
our awareness, our consciousness. To live
consciously as a master of our destinies is the
highest priority for spiritual beings at this time.
The attunement with these new
crystalline frequencies produces some very new
sounds and tones, which manifest then as a
whole new aspect of reality….not only around us
but in us as well. In many ways we are embarking
on a journey of discovery as to what is actually
the nature of our bodies, hearts and minds in the
experience of incarnation.
We will work with crystals that assist
us in having the courage to enter a whole new
paradigm of reality and to enlighten us as to
the nature of that reality and how to function
within it. Many of the crystals in this workshop
have very individual and unique messages for
each participant, to guide them on their paths to
greater awareness. Healing is the result and the
activation of your soul’s gifts, talents and abilities.
Each of the new crystals directs us to a
new movement and a new configuration in our
bodies geometry that will assist us in accessing
the galactic portals of light, that provide us with a
new deep connection to the higher frequencies
of our souls. An exciting Adventure.
The Crystalline Essence of the New Paradigm
Galactic Portals of Light Opening
The City of Light Cheltenham
© 2022 Jhadten Jewall
In this workshop we will be activating the City
of Light Southampton, for it is here that the energy
of the new Crystalline Essence is being held for all
the Emerald Isles. We will use meditation, initiation
and sounding to experience the new energies and
embody them completely in fun and playful ways.


May 6
May 7


Claire Williams
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