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Interdimensional Travel: A Tool of Spiritual Empowerment

October 26, 2019 - October 27, 2019

Jhadten has found in his own personal
development, that inter-dimensional travel is
one of the most powerful, transformational and
uplifting tools of healing and soul embodiment.
It is important to understand this tool and how to
use it properly. Higher vibrations of the soul can
only be embodied when the soul works through
the Earth realms and the body: in this way,
the higher energies are grounded, earthed and
embodied so that they can transform the mind/
body complex completely. The energies of the
City of Light Texel will assist us in connecting
deeply to this receptacle for the higher vibrations
of the soul.
So in this workshop you will learn:
1. How to connect to the Divine Feminine
through the Earth planes in order to create a
place within to embody the higher frequencies
of your soul. This is where the energies of Texel
will be doing powerful work with us.
2. How to travel inter-dimensionally to connect
with various higher frequencies of your soul and
embody them.
3. How to connect with the angelic aspect of
your soul and embody it.
4. How to connect with the new
Christed Level of Unity Consciousness
and embody it.
5. How to sound these energies and
implement them in your daily life.
As consciousness travels
into higher and other dimensions,
the experiences are felt and affect
the person present in their bodies,
connected to the earthly receptacles,
that the soul has created within. It is
a balance of Divine Male and Divine Female
Energies in a very complex and unique way. Our
souls are composed of vibrations that in the end
are connected and one with the Creator/Creatrix.
Our souls have parallel incarnations and
incarnations in other dimensions simultaneously
– such is the power and unimaginable abilities of
the soul.
In travelling in our consciousness
to those other parallel-universe Selves and
inter-dimensional Selves, we meet and connect
with, experience and feel the power, the gifts and
the talents of our souls. Inter-dimensionally we
connect with higher forms of compassion, love,
joy, enthusiasm and wisdom, that can assist us
here in this incarnation. So much of the trauma,
wounds, imbalances and limitations that we have
experienced in this lifetime and others can be
healed through these higher connections.
So much of the higher vibrations of the
soul that we need to embody at this time can be
accessed, experienced and embodied through
this tool. Come and experience this powerful tool
and embark on a wondrous journey of amazing
experiences and greater empowerment. We look
forward to seeing you there. Namaste



October 26, 2019
October 27, 2019


Ine Suiker
0031 65 268 1795


I. Suiker
Bezuidenhout 1,
Boekel, Holland Netherlands
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