Soul Reading

The love, wisdom and strength that flow from the soul through these readings empower the individual in the incarnation to make correct choices and to feel safe and confident in Creation.

  • Describe who you are as a soul, what you have always done in creation and why you have come to Earth in this specific place and at this time.
  • Provide spiritual guidance as to how to best connect to your soul, outlining color rays and angelic/light beings that are associated with you as a soul.
  • Locate your spiritual development as it relates to your ‘mission’ and describes the cycle of growth you are presently in and moving towards.
  • Transmit the vibrational ‘imprints’ of your soul essence through the words of guidance and their sounds. Information encoded in this way allows the ‘decoding’ of the information to rise into consciousness in a holistic (not just rational but using the whole mind) way. The love, wisdom and strength that flow from the soul through these readings empower the individual in the incarnation to make correct choices and to feel safe and confident in Creation. The readings, therefore, are not fortune-telling or giving advice. They are designed to empower you to act and make decisions in harmony with your soul and the incarnation. They do not provide medical diagnosis or treatments; they do map ways to move into greater wholeness, which is the source of good health on all levels. The readings also provide a unique overview of the evolution of your soul in the incarnation.

The sessions are 45-60 minutes long and are recorded on compact disc (CD). Readings can be done in person (appointment by telephone or email) in Vancouver, or over the phone (after arranging the time of the reading) or Skype. Most readings are done without any involvement of the client. Jhadten does the reading and sends it in the mail as well as through the internet so that it can be downloaded immediately after having been done. The physical presence or phone presence is not necessary at all.

Cost of the Reading is $220 (+ $10 shipping)

Please remember to add on the order form in the shop your birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy) and birth place (town/country).


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Thank you. Bless you, bless you, bless you! Thank you so very much for the beautiful reading and holograms.

They are going to set me on an exciting journey to find out more about myself. You gave me so much personal service; it has really warmed my heart. Just corresponding with you has blessed my life so much! Thank you for all you give. My heartfelt love and blessings go out to you.



Lieber Jhadten,

 heute Morgen habe ich nach ein paar Tagen des Unterwegs-Seins voller Freude deine Mail vorgefunden. Es war für mich eine heilige Zeit, diese wunderbare Engellesung soeben das erste Mal in mich aufnehmen zu dürfen.

Noch nie vorher durfte ich bei einer Sitzung oder inneren Arbeit Informationen dieser Weite und Tiefe, dieser Innigkeit, dieser Aussagekraft empfangen. Die liebende Energie, das göttliche Eingebundensein waren so spürbar, ich habe die ganze Zeit nur noch geweint – einfach auch dankbar-freudig-sprachlos-fassungslos über die Größe des Seins und der Schöpfung. Es ist etwas tief in mir bewegt worden.

 Ich verneige mich in tiefer Dankbarkeit vor der Größe und Liebe deiner Seele, Jhadten. Es gibt gerade keine Worte, die das, was ich in mir fühle, wirklich ausdrücken können. So schicke ich dir einen tiefen Gruß der Liebe, Freude und Dankbarkeit aus meinem Herzen für diese wundervolle Lesung. Ich preise voller Demut die göttliche Führung, dass ich zu dir geführt wurde und bin freudig-offen, dir, wann und wo immer es stimmig ist, auch persönlich begegnen zu dürfen.

 Segen für dein Sein und dein wunderbares Wirken.

 In tiefer Dankbarkeit und Freude

 von Herzen




Thank you so much for my recent reading. I want you to know how much I value and appreciate the work you have done for me over the years.  Your readings have enabled me to remember who I truly am in the middle of difficulties and confusion. They have guided my path and assisted me to stay focused and aligned to my divine plan and purpose. Your contribution to my growth cannot be calibrated. I am so glad that you are on the planet at this time doing your wonderful work with great skill, professionalism, integrity and light and unconditional divine love.  Thank you again my friend for your good wishes encouragement and understanding.



Many many thanks for your Gift  and service. The soul essence reading arrived on 26 May.  Its seamless flow, nurturing and inspiring, resonated with a deep and profound longing in my soul to know  and understand its journey  and brings me great Peace and Joy.  On first listening I wept throughout – it was such a blessing in so many ways. My gratitude knows no bounds!  I know I shall, as I already have, enjoy playing it again and again.   You are right, it is really nice!  Now I walk onwards connected and living my life of service on these beautiful Emerald Isles.  So glad to  have the info to study what will set me free  and open to receiving all the gifts still to come… From my most sacred heart I send to yours the deepest, purest, Heavenly Love and all blessings to rain down on you in gentle and ever colorful rays.  Go Well dear Soul in the Light.

Sally Zameemah