Soul Pictures

Jhadten can travel with his consciousness into the Akashic Records of the Soul, find your records and call up the energy of the soul’s essence. The result is the portrait of the soul essence.  It contains immense vibrational information that is experienced by contemplating the image.

Soul Pictures

Jhadten can travel with his consciousness into the Akashic Records of the Soul, find your records and call up the energy of the soul’s essence. He can see this and draw it. The result is the portrait of the soul essence. It contains immense vibrational information that is experienced by contemplating the image.

The colors, images, shapes and composition overall radiate the balance, beauty, proportions and qualities of the soul. There are usually three examples as the soul breathes it doesn’t change in its core energy, but the energy around it changes; the three examples are snapshots of these changing energies.

  • The pictures are accompanied by a short text that brings awareness and understanding by listing some of the following:
  • The angelic order you are associated with.
  • What color rays are associated with you and what angels and light beings as well as Ascended Masters or guides.
  • The nature of your reason for incarnating and what you usually do in Creation.
  • Information that may be important pertaining to where you are now in your evolution within this incarnation and where you are headed.
  • Other individual information that is different each time, specific details, for example, a plant, crystal or an animal that is very important to your soul or resonates with it.

The pictures are put on a CD (included with the portrait) in the following formats: cdr, cpt, psd, jpg, tiff, eps, png, bmp, web optimized jpgs. This allows you to use the picture in many ways as well as have it enlarged and/or printed by your local shop or yourself, or even use the picture on the web.


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Quantum Self Portrait

The quantum self is different from the Soul Portraits.  It is a special vibrational aspect of the soul energy and it reveals much about the soul’s contribution to the evolution of consciousness in creation.  Hence, it is an ideal ground for developing company logos from, as it conveys vibrationally the essence of that soul’s contribution to the evolution of consciousness in this incarnation.  This gives people who see the logo or business card an insight into the quality of the work offered.  This package contains the quantum self portrait, examples of possible logos based on this design, as well as how it would look on a business card, and a short description of the energy.  Many people use the designs suggested or combine an aspect of the quantum self portrait with other vibrational information they wish to have on their card or website.

To the left you can see a Quantum Self Portrait as well as the Logo and Business Card Design which is of course only a suggestion.  A graphic artist could certainly improve on this inspiration.

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Love Mandala

Like in the soul portraits, Jhadten is able to see in the Akashic Records what the union of two souls looks like vibrationally: the result is a Twin Flame Portrait. This shows the energy that two souls can generate in service to Mother Earth and to mankind.  This is ideal for couples or people united in a spiritual endeavour together.  Again there are 3 versions of the portrait showing how the energies change as the ‘essence’ breathes, a CD with all the images in all different formats as well as a short description.  Most people have these images enlarged on canvas to hang in their home or business (the digitally transferred image appears as if it had been hand painted).


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Family Soul Portrait

It is especially delightful to show the energy that is created by all family members together in a family.  That parents and children come together for a special reason is evident.  To be able to see the energy that family brings to the world is an inspiring gift.  The package contains 3 versions of the family soul portrait (for the essential energy here breathes and changes the energies around it like the other portraits), a CD with all the images in all formats, as well as a short description of the energy.


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All four products are $360 including PST/GST.
Shipping  for these products is $10.


I am still assimilating (on Many levels) the pictures, and the reading, that you mailed to me and which I received several days ago. The pictures touch me at many levels, both consciously and unconsciously. Add to that, the printed Reading, and part of the time I am in Overwhelm(!) Seems like there are parts of me that can’t/won’t believe that “I” could be so Divine. Your art is Beautiful! I want to get stationery made, just to add so much Beauty to my, and others, lives.

Terry McGill

Portland, Oregon, USA

Your package has arrived and I had the great pleasure of receiving it just a very few hours ago this evening. The profile is magnificent and projects so much love that comes from and through you. It is evident in every bit of form and content of what you have created and sent that love is in endless abundance in its originator and messenger, that I wouldn’t know where to begin to describe the feelings it has evoked both in sensory as well as mental and emotional terms. The hologram is so beautiful that I am thinking of enlarging and framing it as an aesthetic and inspirational work of art that it also is from a pure visual, creative point of view. This is just the initial thought out of the excitement of tonight. Regarding what you have written, I am enjoying the poetry and music of your writing that comes through not only from the words and format but as if from in between the empty spaces on the page, between the words, the lines… as if you have written more where you have not written, and that the blank spaces say more than the filled ones, and it resonates in an almost mesmerizing way, both soothing and refreshing in that it seems to awaken something in me. I think I will be re- and re-reading it out of sheer enjoyment. I am looking forward to just listening to its music now though. Thank you for coming into and enriching my life in such a beautiful way, especially as a new year in my life begins here.


Thank you so very much for the beautiful soul pictures. I took the envelope out of my mailbox as I was driving out to go shopping, and opened it immediately. I must confess, I was so moved I cried.

I am also amazed at the list of great beings that you say are around me. I feel a special link with Jesus (whom I knew when he was a young boy in Palestine), with Archangel Michael, Lord Metatron and Mother Earth. I know of all the others and have pictures of some of them in my Study but never did I dream that they are close to me. I am overwhelmed, humbled and extremely grateful.

It has been such a great experience communicating with you. The work you are doing is unique and must be of help to many people. We are so lucky to be living in this 21st century and getting ever closer to the world of spirit. You are a leader in that sphere!

Janice Robertson,

Astoria, Oregon

Wow, wow, wow … I am sitting here in front of it … just overwhelmed, speechless like a little child with big eyes and open mouth watching the wonder of life, flabbergasted and smiling; looking at them again and again feeling at home in it and happy like in a big bubble of love.

All of your creations are just so magnificent and delicate, awesome and adorable; and there is the one version which speaks the most to me – it is about the intensity of the colors of the blue and the green with the divine golden ray coming into the centre from the above helping me to blossom and to radiate supported by the many orbs and divine guides all around… It just feels so nourishing, protecting, and literally energizing; and it seems like one look into it will easily erase any of my upcoming little human worries or doubts which from time to time try to take control over me – they seem to fade away and become meaningless by just looking into it. An unknown beauty and purity is what I connect to – that is new…

It is a powerful healing portrait ….I am so thrilled too and m o s t grateful to you and I wonder why I haven’t ask you to do this sooner; but again that doesn’t matter, as we know it’s always the perfect time

And I l o v e the logo. My husband is amazed about every detail like I am.

Wow, like you wrote in the end – that is a blessing indeed, an infinite radiating blessing…

Most grateful and with shining eyes,