New Product: The Power of Authenticity

markdafwFinally I have managed to begin the English version of the Power of Authenticity, that I am also offering to my German clients through  So read about this series before and order it here Order Now!

Although this meditation is part of a series called “The Power of Authenticity” (I will add a new meditation every month), it also stands on its own.  These meditations are designed to connect to your authentic Self at this time in our evolution on Earth.  They were inspired by the Energies of 2016 that seem to call for a more complete embodiment of our authentic Selves that ever before.  They also help connect us to the new dimension of Stillness in our authentic Selves that again is a highlighted aspect of this year’s energies.  To be used again and again, they can initiate you into connections with your soul that will become deeper and more powerful each time you listen.  I would also recommend listening with earphones.  Please note that this is only available as a downloadable mp3 file.


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