Jhadten Jewall

About Jhadten

Most people spend 99% of their time worrying about the details of life, judging, analysing, comparing and mentally commenting upon everything in life – instead of living. To fully embody your soul, means being in a new state of consciousness. Jhadten guides you into this world of peace and joy through his work.

Jhadten Jewall (*1951) studied linguistics, literature, philosophy and education in Basel. He lived in Switzerland for 10 years and in Japan for 8 years. He has taught at university and studied Zen as well as delving deeply into the metaphysical world of knowledge. His training in the metaphysical world consists of crystal healing, shamanism and various modes of vibrational healing, work with aboriginal cultures; he has also learned to channel and work vibrationally with groups to activate the structures of the future within. Jhadten lives in Canada and teaches worldwide as well as guiding sacred journeys. He is an avid sound healer and produces CDs and tapes to that purpose. Jhadten is a talented facilitator with a great sense of humor. He knows how to teach non-dogmatically and emphasizes the need for the pursuit of personal truth in all matters.

Jhadten is committed to co-creating global awareness so that the community of mankind may evolve in peace and wholeness. The first step towards that goal is creating personal awareness and focus. To assist clients with this, Jhadten has many services, such as Soul Essence Readings, Soul Portraits, CDs with guided meditations and code transmissions, sacred journeys, and workshops/conferences (click on Calendar of Events to view workshops being presented currently). Here are some remarks on the services that Jhadten provides and that can be acquired through the shop or through interaction with him via email/phone.

“I love doing soul essence readings, because, when people learn about the mission, purpose, gifts and talents of their soul, they become passionate about life and their role in this world. As more and more of us discover our role in the world, we realize that mankind is a puzzle that fits perfectly together when we all doing what we came here to do, being that role.”

“I always feel like a child in a sandbox when I am doing the soul portraits – time and space disappear in the loving and joyful communion with a soul and in the attempt to capture its beauty in form, shape and color. I often hear that people experience this same kind of joy with their soul pictures when they receive them ~ being amazed at their beauty and inspired by the majesty of who they truly are! They seem to be buoyed by this inspiration towards a deeper experience of who they truly are and what is important for them in this lifetime.”

“I have wanted to sing from the moment I entered this world. I have searched in many places and been sent on many side-tracks, so that I would find the perfect use of my voice. In the tonings and soundings I do, I feel the grace and blessings of Heaven pouring through me like a libation to Mother Earth and Humanity. Then I experience a profound gratitude and state of awe that I cannot express in words. So many people come to me after such an experience and claim to have been touched deeper and more completely by Spirit than ever before. Even people who listen to my CDs claim to have the same experience. I have to smile then, because I recognize that experience of coming home and realizing how we belong together and I feel so humble that I can be a conduit for this grace!”

“Whether taking people to swim with humpback whales or to powerful places around the world, I know that we are entering a life altering experience, for we always set our intent to go beyond ourselves to serve Mother Earth and Humanity by expanding our consciousness in this unique way. I am then always in a state of reverence for us in our ability to joyfully serve without servitude.”