The Sound of Creation



On this MP3 complilation, the keys and codes of sound creation in the next paradigm is transmitted from the Heart of Melchizedek. The “Sound of Creation” itself (Track 4) is a recording from a workshop in Glastonbury/Wells, England (77 voices singing in counter-rotating fields in the Chapter House of Wells Cathedral). The  first track is called the “Goddess Rises'” as it transmits the codes of our return to an awareness of the Divine Feminine.  The second track is called “The Father Reborn” alluding to the emergence of a new awareness of the Divine Masculine within us. The piece “Transition” is in Eb minor and is a piece that promises to shift the frequencies of Mother Earth and Humanity. Hans Timmermans from the Netherlands has composed the music and done the mixing, editing and recording – a true genius!

People are sending me feedback on these mp3s on how it helps infants who are crying alot to calm down and sleep. The third piece is helping hyperactive children to concentrate and be more attentive. The music also seems to have a calming effect on nervous animals like cats and dogs. Teachers have been playing the music in kindergartens and having amazing feedback from children (bruises not hurting anymore etc). Of course, healers and adults are commenting on the physical effects of the sound and music on their bodies, hearts and minds…..harmonizing effects on the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Some facilitators play this music in their workshops. Healers report their clients having breakthroughs with this music playing during the healing sessions. I am so humble and feel so blessed to hear these reports. Something is definitely magical about it!



Original CD sold out ….now just as downloadable mp3 available!


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