Dreamtime of the Heart



This new CD is the sequel to the Sound of Creation and explores the work that Jhadten has called the Sounds of Light. The amazing compositions of Hans Timmermans underlines the beauty of the sound transmissions, vocal intonations, that Jhadten has channelled on this CD. The sound ‘initiations’ are profound, engaging and transformational. The work was inspired by a sacred journey to Australia in 2002 where Jhadten and his group opened a new Dreamtime for Mother Earth. The tracks include an initiation of Horus, an initiation into the energies of the Ishim angels of Light that build bridges between the dimensions, an initiation into interlocking dimensions, a piece called Eternal Grace, an initiation into the New Dreamtime and finally a piece called The Eternal Now. The CD creates a new place of consciousness (through toning not words), where unity, oneness and wholeness reside in a place high above thought and emotions. May you find the sound transmissions as beautiful and profound as we and many others have found.   Listen to a sound clip from the second track called “Ishim Initiation”



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